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  • How to configure LiveCoinGuru?
    If you decided to configure the LiveCoinGuru yourself, it will come disassembled, but with sample configuration on the Micro SD Card. To get started follow these steps: 1. Edit [ccticker.cfg] file in any text editor. 2. Provide SSID and PASSWORD for your WiFi network. 3. Select your LANGUAGE and TIMEZONE. 4. Select number of crypto pairs that you want to monitor (max 25). 5. Edit to reflect your desired crypto pairs (pair_name, pair_STRING, pair_color). 6. Specify value for temperature (F or C). 7. Specify value for sleeptime, minutes until LiveCoinGuru will turn itself off. 8. Specify value for myCyclingIntervall, seconds until next crypto pair is shown. 9. Save the file and insert the Micro SD card into LiveCoinGuru. 10. Gently attach the stand (no force is necessary) and use the two screws to secure it. 11. Plug in USB and LiveCoinGuru will turn on. You should see your desired configuration. If you run into ANY problem, we are standing by to help.
  • Can I configure myself or should I let you do it for me?
    This is a very common question. The short answer is that most people can easily configure it. The configuration process is really very simple, and at the high level is as follows: Modify a config file on Micro SD card. Manual is provided on the website, in the SUPPORT section and is also inside the config file. Change your wifi settings and crypto pairs. Insert the Micro SD into LiveCoinGuru. Screw on the stand and plug in the USB cable. It's that simple! However, if you don't want to tinker, nor have the time, simply let us do it for you. Hope this helps. LCG
  • I just received my LiveCoinGuru, what do I do?
    1. If you provided your desired configuration during the order process, just plug in the LiveCoinGuru to any USB port to receive power and it will automatically turn it on. It will connect to your WiFi network and display the crypto pair(s) that you designated during the ordering process. 2. If you decided to configure it yourself, read [How to configure LiveCoinGuru] article in support to get started.
  • Do you have volume discounts?
    Kindly send us a message so that we can review your specific requirement.
  • Can I view Stock Market or Forex?
    We have received a lot of similar requests and are looking into this. Please drop us a line and let us know that you are interested as well.
  • Do you ship outside USA?
    Yes, we do.
  • Which crypto coins do you support?
    We support all coins listed on


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